July 25th, 2014

Cast Lists Announced for Three Shows

November 30th, 2012

The Great American Trailer Park Musical Cast: 

Madeline Beer as Jeannie
Stephen Joshua Thompson as Duke
Leslie Andrews as Pippi
Drew Rothhaar as Norbert
Sarah Robertson as Pickles
Harmoni Marii Sauder as Linoleum
Jennifer Enskat as Bad-Ass Betty

Directed by Michael Thomas

Performances: February 8th - 10th
Stage On Stage seating!

9 to 5: The Musical Cast:

(in order of appearance)

Violet Newstead:                    Adena King
Doralee Rhodes:                     Clara Pearch
Dwayne Rhodes:                     Scott Schag
Judy Bernly:                          Madeline Beer
Roz:                                      Leslie Andrews
Franklin Hart, Jr:                   Drew Traxler
Kathy:                                   Ursula Butts
Maria/Candystripper:              Sarah Robertson
Missy:                                   Betsy Gerhart
Joe:                                      Beau Roberts
Margaret:                              Jennifer Enskat
Josh:                                     Matt Mayer
Dick:                                     Drew Rothhaar
Bob Enright/Detective:           Matt Feck
Tinsworthy/Doctor:                TBA

Ensemble:                               Benjamin Lowery
                                             J. Colton Penwell
                                             Blake Barnes
                                             Pam Phillips
                                             Erin McEldowney
                                             Emilie Gray

Please email Stephen Thompson by Friday, January 11th at steviej_0604@yahoo.com and let him know if you accept the role. Please include EVERY conflict you have from January 19th through the final performance.

The first rehearsal will be from 9:00am - 5:00pm (appropriate to the show) on Saturday, January 19th. (Can use the CD this day so Deb doesn't need to be present, unless she wants to.) A complete rehearsal schedule will be available at this rehearsal.

The breakdown for the first rehearsal is below:

9:00am - 9:30pm:  Principal Cast Meeting
- Violet, Judy, Doralee, Hart, Roz, Joe, Kathy, Margaret, Maria

(We will be discussing the themes of the story we are telling and signing contracts)

9:30am - 12:00pm:  Read Thru/Sing Thru
- Entire Cast

12:00pm - 1:00pm:  Lunch

1:00pm - 5:00pm:  Choreograph/Block "9 To 5"
- Entire Cast except Hart and Roz

Cast for The Producers

Michael Thomas                              Max
Stephen Joshua Thompson               Leo
Madeline Beer                                Ulla
Scott Schag                                    Roger
Dirk Eachus                                   Carmen
Beau Roberts                                 Franz

Sarah Robertson                  Usherette, Chorus Girl, Follies Girl, Little Old Lady
Pam Phillips                        Hold Me-Touch Me, Little Old Lady, Hitler Wannabe
Jennifer Enskat                   Judge, Little Old Lady, Chorus Girl, Follies Girl, Hitler Wannabe
Emilie Gray                         First Nighter, Little Old Lady, Hitler Wannabe
Erin McEldowney                 First Nighter, Little Old Lady, Hitler Wannabe
Ben Lowery                         Kevin, Singing Hitler, Sergeant, Accountant, Little Old Lady
Colton Penwell                    Mr. Marks, Singing Hitler, Little Old Lady
Blake Barnes                        Bryan, Dancing Hitler, Accountant, Little Old Lady
Drew Rothhaar                     O'Riley, Dancing Hitler, Accountant, Little Old Lady
Benji Cates                          O'Rourke, Singing Hitler, Accountant, Little Old Lady
Matt Mayer                          First Nighter, Singing Hitler, Little Old Lady
Kyle Miller                          O'Houlihan, Dancing Hitler, Accountant, Little Old Lady
Bobby Wesner                     Scott, Dancing Hitler, Little Old Lady
Brooke Wesner                   Chorus Girl, Follies Girl, Little Old Lady



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