April 21st, 2015

Renaissance Theatre Mechanics Bank Educational Series

RYOT: Fiddler on the Roof

*Please note that tickets for this event are General Admission seating--no reserved seating.


  • Doors open one hour prior to curtain
Saturday, May 24th, 2014
at 7:30pm
Sunday, May 25th, 2014
at 3pm

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The classic musical story of Tevye, a poor milkman struggling to raise his daughters in Czarist Russia. Songs include Sunrise, Sunset and Match-Maker. Performed by students in grades 2-12. Directed by Lori Turner.



Fiddler on the Roof showcases a large cast with lots roles for both males and females (10 each).  Its celebrated score, by Jerry Bock and Sheldon Harnick, features many well-known songs including "Tradition", "If I Were a Rich Man" and "Sunrise, Sunset".  The show is set in Tsarist Russia in 1905 and is based on the story of Tevye the Milkman by Sholem Aleichem.  The story follows Tevye, father of five, as he tries to uphold tradition in an ever changing political and social landscape. Told with humor, warmth and honesty, the musical is extremely popular all over the world and was the first Broadway show to play for over 3000 performances.  The original production ran for almost 10 years!

The Real Schlemiel or Kvetch Me If You Can will be another fabulous original musical by the Renaissance's own Michael Thomas.  Based on Jewish folklore and traditional klezmer music, The Real Schlemiel offers many leads and cameos for our younger performers - all presented with a comic twist!

Utilizing the magnificently large Renaissance stage, we will have both age groups appearing together for several scenes.  Lots of comedy shtick for the little ones and lots of parts for all.  

Thanks to all for making this one of the most successful auditions (and one of the most difficult castings) ever!!!! You are all SO talented- it was a great pleasure; but also a very difficult task! Our first rehearsal is Sat. Feb 15 from 11-12 for Schlemiel and 12:30-1:30 for Fiddler. I really hope you feel proud, because you all should be! Here goes:

The Real Schlemiel Cast  

Schlemiel, a fool                                                  Gavin Hull

Schlemazel, his best friend, a born loser              Logan Hull

The Wise Men of Schmootz

Reb Moishe Narishkeit, The Mayor                  Caleb Tate
Reb Zalman, The Magistrate                              Makayla Swiderski

Reb Nebbish, The Treasurer                               Alex Tate
Reb Feibush, The Sanitation Officer                   Thomas Tate
Reb Yankel, The Chief of Police                        Justice Gardner
Reb Chatzkel, The Lawyer                                Anda Stan

Reb Koppell, The Tax Collector                         Owen Hull

Dumbrik Zhuzhukoff, The Inspector General    Daniel Congdon

Yidel, a constable of Schimmell                          Amy Gardner

Shayna, a beauty                                                Megan Hayes
Yenta, a gossip                                                   Zoe Blank

Storytellers    Claire Stewart, EsaeLynn Cameron, Laura Drake, Momoka Chang, 
Sarah Heininger, Myla Creed

Citizens of the Shtetl     Zay Brooks, Melanie Irvine-Selby,  Nicole Miller, Makaya Butler, Alexandria Switaj, Kaitlyn Hessler, Kennedy Lamp, Dana Stan, Abigail Beckstein, Carolina Trumpower, Brienne Trumpower,  Melissa  Givens, Naomi Schag, Ella Schag, Aubrey Lamp

 The cast of Schlemiel will also appear in Fiddler as Townspeople, Ghosts and Soldiers

Fiddler on the Roof

The Fiddler                                                               Tim Gesouras 

Tevye, a poor milkman                                               Samuel Heininger       

Golde, his wife                                                           Beth Clark

Tzeital                                                                       Victoria Shull

Hodel                                                                         Karina Andrew

Chava } their daughters                                               Mikayla Meyers

Shprintze                                                                   Lauren Capra

Bielke                                                                        Emily Raff

Lazar Wolf, a wealthy widower                                   Jody Odom

Fruma-Sarah, his dead wife                                       Sarah Blubaugh

Yente   , the matchmaker                                           Tammi Turner

Motel  , a tailor, in love with Tzeitel                             Tucker Boggs

Perchik, a socialist, in love with Hodel                        Caleb Naugle

Fyedka, a Russian, in love with Chava                        Garrison Stima


Constable, a policeman                                             Frederick Craig

Ester                                                                         Lydia Bently

Rivka                                                                        Carol Heininger

Hende } friends of Yente                                             Connie Capra

Binah                                                                        Kera Gardner

Sasha              }Russians                                           Louie Kurtzman

Yussel                                                                       Cody Caudell

Grandma Tzeitel       a ghost                                     Kayla Dubois

Tante Zlote, a ghost                                                   Holly Parton

Ghost Rabbi                                                              Hendrick Stoops

Avram, the bookseller                                                 Jeremiah Mitchel                    

Froi Avram, his wife                                                   Gloria Gutchall

Mendel, the Rabbi’s son                                             Gage Goodwin          

Rabbi                                                                        Danny Fain

His Wife                                                                    Sadie Kurtzman

Mordcha, the innkeeper                                             Howard Leuthold

Froi Mendel, his wife                                                 Addie Goodwin

Nachum, the beggar                                                  Joel Glover

Froi Nachem, his long-suffering wife                           Grace Haring  

Shaindel, Motel’s mother                                           Anna Sheuer

Russian soldiers                                                       Luke Blackley

                                                                                Charlie Komives

Russian Girls                                                            Naji Brooks, Hailey Herbert

Village Girls   Anna Schill, Devan Dalton, Ashley Shaarda, Marin DeMarron, Natalie Wilging, Marissa Lawhorn, Katie Yoak, Abigail Sanders

Village Mothers         Raven Starkey, Gabriella Allen, Hadassah Erich, Brooke Johnson, Taylor Hessler, Grace Donahue


Real Schlemiel/Fiddler

Rehearsal Schedule 

The Rest Of The Schedule!

Sat. May 3                   11-12:30          Schlemiel         ALL    (Tim Gesouras at 11:40)

                                      12-2                 Fiddler            ALL    Act I

Tues. May 6                4-5                   Schlemiel         ALL    (Tim Gesouras at 4:40)

                                      5-7                   Fiddler             ALL

Fri May 9                    5-7                   Fiddler              ALL

Sat. May 10                 11-1                 Schlemiel         ALL    (in costume)

                                      12-4                 Fiddler             ALL    (in costume)

Mon. May 12              6:30-9              Run                  ALL    (Schlemiel kids can leave when done)

                                                             both casts

Tues. May 13              4-6                   Schlemiel         ALL   (Tim Gesouras at 4:40)

Wed. May 14              5-7                   Fiddler              ALL

* Fri May 16               4-6                  Schlemiel        ALL   (if needed)

Sat. May 17                 11-1:30            Schlemiel         ALL   (in costume)

                                      12:30-4            Fiddler             ALL   (in costume)

Sun. May 18                2-4                   Schlemeil         ALL   (Tim Gesouras at 3:30)

                                      4-7                   Fiddler              ALL

Mon May 19               5-9                   Run                  ALL   (in costume)

                                          (Schlemiel cast may leave @ 7 pm)

Tues. May 20              5-9                   Run                 ALL  

                                          (Schlemiel cast may leave @ 7 pm)

Wed. May 21              5-9                   Run                 ALL   (in costume)

                                          (Schlemiel cast may leave @ 7 pm)

Thurs. May 22             5:00                 Costumes        ALL

                                       6:00                 Run

Fri. May 23                   5:00                 Costumes        ALL

                                       6:00                 Run

Sat. May 24                  6:30                 Costumes

                                      7:30                  Performance