April 22nd, 2015

Event Rating Information

The Renaissance Theatre does everything possible to provide you with information about the content of our shows.  To help facilitate this, we use the same rating system as the motion picture industry.  Please be aware that what constitutes mild language, sexual situations or drug use varies between individuals.  To some, drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette may be considered drug use - just as kissing may be considered a sexual situation and the use of the word "God" or "Lord" (used in an non-reverential manner), may be considered objectionable language.  If you are offended by any of this, we would suggest you limit your ticket buying solely to G-rated events.

A brief explanation of the rating system:


The common perception is that a G rating refers only to children's programming. It does not. This rating simply means that the production contains nothing in the ratings board's opinion that parents would find offensive for children. G-rated shows may contain mild language (words like stupid, idiot, heck, darn), but no nudity, sex or drug use.


The PG rating is meant as a warning to parents to do a little background check before buying tickets for their children.  PG productions may contain elements that parents may find unsuitable for children, including limited profanity, mild violence, sexual situations or suggested sexuality, depiction of alternate lifestyles, depiction of drinking or drug use. 


The PG-13 rating was created to better differentiate productions that fell in the grey area between PG and R ratings.  While the subject matter of a production alone will not garner a rating stronger than PG-13, the depiction of that subject matter may.  Sexual situations, scantily-clad performers, the simulation of drug use and/or drinking and violence are permissible within the PG-13 rating as are uses of sexual expletives (such as the F-word) so long as they are not used in a sexual context.


An R rating means that the production contains material that is classified as "explicitly adult."  These productions may contain adult themes and activities, strong language (used in a sexual content), sexually-oriented nudity, drug use and extended violence.