April 27th, 2015

Children's Theatre Foundation

Children's Theatre Foundation is a non-profit organization whose goal is to provide top quality, live performances to school-age children in the North Central Ohio area.

Each year, the Children's Theatre Foundation presents a diverse season of educational theatre offerings to the surrounding school community. Performances are hosted at the Renaissance Theare, Founder's Auditorium on the Ohio State University-Mansfield Campus, and occasionally in local school auditoriums.
Tickets are available by contacting Darlene Taylor at 419-756-3115 or dtaylor105@neo.rr.com. For more information on the Children's Theatre Foundation, visit www.childrenstheatrefoundation.com.  

2014-2015 Season

Harry the Dirty Dog

Grades PreK-2, presented by Arts Power at Mansfield Sr. HS

Harry has everything a little white dog with black spots could want. There's just one problem: he hates taking baths. He hates them so much, in fact, that one morning he runs away. After a wonderful day spent playing in the dirt, Harry gets so grubby that he turns into a little black dog with white spots and returns home to find that his family doesn't recognize him!

Tales of Edgar Allen Poe

Grades 7-12, Presented by Lexington Children's Theatre at Mansfield Sr. HS

Once upon a midnight dreary, at a show so dark and eerie, filled with tales of Gothic lore; while I sat there, nearly gasping, suddenly there came a grasping, as of some one fiercely grabbing, grabbing at my arm once more, "'Tis just a play," I whispered, to the person shaking to their core. "Only this and nothing more." The performance will feature The Tell-Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado, and the Fall of the House of Usher as well as a historical telling of Poe's own life story.

A Christmas Carol

Grades 6-9, presented by OSU-M Theatre Dept. at Founders Auditorium (OSU-M)

One of the best-loved holiday stories of all time. You will encounter Ebenezer Scrooge and his harrowing Christmas Eve adventure. The ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future will teach more than just Ebenezer a timeless lesson.

Freedom Train

Grades 4-8, presented by Theatreworks USA at The Renaissance

Meet Harriet Tubman, the intrepid conductor of the Underground Railroad! She comes to life in this extraordinary production that shines with traditional music of the period.

The Teacher from the Black Lagoon and Other Story Books

Grades K-3, presented by Theatreworks USA at The Renaissance

An exciting new musical based on favorite contemporary children's books, including The Teacher from the Black Lagoon, Splat the Cat: Love Splat, I Want My Hat, Dogzilla, Grumpy Bird, Chrysanthemum, and featuring tales from Aesop Fables, and Anansi the Spider. Book titles subject to change.

To Kill a Mockingbird

Grades 9-12, presented by National Players at Ashland High School

A sleepy, Southern town confronts difference and justice through the eyes of six-year-old Scout. In the heroics of her father, the struggles of her friends and neighbors, and the threat of the boogey man, Scout lives through the joys of childhood innocence and the pains of growing up. Based on Harper Lee's novel, National Players is proud to stage this tale for the first time in its 65 year history.

For tickets or more information on any of the shows, scholarships, or teacher mini-grants, visit childrenstheatrefoundation.com or contact Darlene Taylor at 419-756-3115 or dtaylor105@neo.rr.com.