April 27th, 2015

Memorial & Tribute Gifts

If you are looking for a unique way of remembering family members and friends on their birthday, anniversary, or other special occasions—or if you would like to not only celebrate and memorialize your loved one, but also benefit and impact our community for years to come, this program ensures that the arts will continue to thrive in North Central Ohio.

When your gift is received at the Renaissance, the family of the person memorialized or the person who is honored is sent an attractive card bearing the name of the person in whose memory or in honor your gift has been made. Your name, but not the amount of the gift, will be shared on this card. You will receive an acknowledgement of your tax-deductible gift.

In addition, the name of the person being memorialized will be permanently displayed on the Donor Recognition Board in the lobby of the Renaissance Theatre into perpetuity.

For information on making a memorial or tribute gift, contact the Development Office at (419) 522-2726, ext. 203 or colleen@mansfieldtickets.com