July 30th, 2014

The MindSprouts Creative Writing Contest

MindSprouts Logo
MindSprouts Logo

A writing competition for students in Kindergarten through 12th grade! 

The Ren Announces its 2014 Writing Contest theme: "Journeys: Over the Hills, Under the Water, Through the Imagination!"

2014 MindSprouts Showcase, April 24, 2014

Kindergarten-2nd Grade Submissions:

  • Joshua Laux, 1st
    Grade, St. Peter's "Go for a Walk"
  • Jacob Ford, 2nd Grade,
    Madison South Elementary: "The Magic Wizard of SauleeBiz"
  • Zoe Daniels, 2nd Grade,
    St. Peter's: "Treasure by the Sea"
  • Sophia Henrich, 2nd
    Grade, St. Peter's: "Isabell and the Buried Treasure"

Grades 3-5:

  • Ashley Pindel, 3rd
    Grade, St. Peter's: "The Journeys Over the Hill, Under the Water, and
    Through My Mind"
  • Anna Slade, 3rd Grade,
    Spanish Immersion: Haiku from "How the Cheetah Got Its Spots"
  • Cara Brubaker, 5th
    Grade, St. Mary of the Snows: "The Forest of Life"
  • Lillian Nguyen, 5th
    Grade, Eastern Elementary: "The Journey of our Lifetime"
  • Julia Rizzo, 5th
    Grade, St. Peter's: "My Land"

Grades 6-8 Submissions:

  • Maggie Allred, 6th
    Grade, St. Peter's: "My Dreams and Nightmares"
  • Zoe Blank, 6th Grade,
    St. Peter's: "The Journey"
  • Maria Villegas, 6th
    Grade, Eastern Elementary: "Beauty of the Journey"
  • Sydney Weber, 6th
    Grade, Eastern Elementary: "Southward Bound"

Grades 9-12:

  • Eryn Dye, 11th Grade,
    Pioneer Career and Technical Center: "Growing Up Disney"
  • Brian Smith, 11th
    Grade, Pioneer Career and Technical Center: "Serenity"
  • Rachel Brumenschenkel,
    12th Grade, Shelby H.S.: "The Paradox of Fantasy"
  • Veronica Dannemiller,
    12th Grade, Shelby H.S.: "The Race: Fast Paced"

Fast Facts about the MindSprouts program:

  • It’s FREE to you!
  • The program includes one “Jump Start” visit from Renaissance Educators to kick off your creative writing program with the class. Participating teachers receive a packet of activities and a resource guide to continue the program.
  • Submissions will be screened by Renaissance Artistic Director Michael Thomas, playwright and writer for over three dozen major motion pictures and TV shows, including NBC's 30 Rock.
  • The MindSprouts program culminates in May with a showcase of the top compositions from each grade band.

K-12 teachers can schedule the Renaissance staff to provide an in-class workshop for students & teacher alike to “jump start” the creative writing process. Jump Start workshops may be scheduled for anytime November 1 through March 15th.

To schedule your MindSprouts workshop, contact:

Dauphne Maloney, Renaissance Teaching Artist/Education Assistant

419-522-2726, ext. 212 dauphne@mansfieldtickets.com

Guidelines for the MindSprouts Writing Contest:

  • All submissions must correspond to the 2014 theme: "Journeys: Over the Hills, Under the Water, Through the Imagination"
  • Students may submit up to one work in each category: short story, poem, or play.
  • Eligibility: Students must be in grades K-12 and attend school in Richland County.
  • Students may submit individually, or students may submit one collaborative work from a group of up to three students.
  • Submissions MUST include: student name and contact info, grade level, school.
  • There is no length requirement, but please note that winning submissions may be edited for time on stage during the showcase.

Deadline for submissions: all submissions must be received by the Renaissance no later than March 29, 2014. Submissions will be accepted via mail and email at the following addresses:

Ren Education Department
Attn: MindSprouts Contest
138 Park Ave. West
Mansfield, OH 44902


About the MindSprouts program:

In November 2011, the Renaissance launched its MindSprouts Creative Writing program for students in kindergarten through 12th grade. As part of the program, Richland County teachers have the opportunity for a visit from Renaissance teaching artist Dauphne Maloney to jump start the creative process. Then, students continue work on their own to create an original composition in one or more of the following categories: short story, poem, or play.